Services for Discourse Developers

Literate Computing specializes in System Administration chores. We are soon to roll out a service that allows developers to create a yml file that pins Discourse as well as individual plugins to particular commits so that you can test and deploy your tools with versions that you know work. No more hoping that a commit hasn’t been entered that breaks something between your test and your deployment.

How does it work?

You have a repository that has an Ansible inventory for as many hosts as you like (currently supports only a standard 2-Container installation). When you push a commit to your repo and touch a HOSTNAME.upgrade file, a cron job pulls down the latest commit that re-writes your web_only.yml file with your plugins, bootstraps the image, and, if the bootstrap succeeds, destroys the old container and starts up the new one. A log is pushed back to your repo notifying of success or failure. You can optionally have the web_only.yml file pushed to an S3 bucket.

Check out the sample inventory: GitHub - literatecomputing/lc-manager-inventory: Sample inventory files for the Literate Computing Discourse CI/CD Tool. The ability to create a new installation on an existing server/VM or on a new Digital Ocean droplet is coming soon. If you have other needs, please let us know.

Pricing is still being determined. If you’d like a demo, please contact @pfaffman.