Services for Professionals

Telephone Support

Discourse has hundreds of settings, a theme interface that is very flexible, but strange to LAMP developers, and dozens of plugins that you might (or might not!) need to provide your community with the interface that it needs. You can get free support (often from us!) at, but if you are too busy to search for an existing answer or carefully craft your question, you might rather schedule a call and get an answer to the question that you would have asked if only you had known more.

You can pay for an hour of time here, or email or send a message to @support. For longer term projects, we will track time and bill you at the end of the month. The standard rate is $250/hour.

Custom Hosting Solutions

If you are familiar with DNS, SMTP, and a Linux command line, the Official install guide will get you up and running pretty quickly (and if not, our fully automated installation packages might be what you are looking for), but if you want to launch with Kubernetes, use an external database, or integrate with your CI/CD tools, the way Discourse does things can be frustrating. If you would like to save some time figuring out those details so that you can get on with your work, we can help you get things working in your preferred infrastructure in a minimum of time.

Migration Services

There are many existing scripts to move your data from a legacy forum to Discourse. Sometimes they do just what you need, but often the quirks of how your community used that software are different from the quirks of the community for whom the script was written. Finding those issues after you launch usually makes solving those problems impossible. We have done dozens of migrations for forums with millions of posts, wonky modifications, and custom-built software. If you can get us your database and attachments, we can help make your move to Discourse go as smoothly as possible.