Wow! I love the speed and automation

I recently contacted Literate Computing and worked with @Jay_Pfaffman to setup our Discourse site, ProjectCoalesce.

To give you a feel for what I typically expect and with whom I work, I run a technology consulting firm and have a background in software development and project management. I love working with professionals, meaning not necessarily someone who’s an expert, but someone who puts in all of their effort to solve a problem or a need. I consider someone a professional who makes promises that are highly valuable and then does something beyond what they even promised.

First, I’m impressed with the level of automation Jay’s built around the whole process of signing up for his services and getting Discourse deployed. He has a very detailed set of instructions that walks you through how to prepare, how to setup, and how to finally get users invited to start the forum discussions.

Second, I followed up with him with some questions around customization and emails. They ended up being factors outside the original configuration. Nevertheless, he continued to engage and helped me troubleshoot the issues. Nicely done!

Jay and his company are solid professionals. I’d love to find another excuse to work with him…and I’m sure I will.

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